MathsJam Conference Details

The 2016 MathsJam conference will take place on 12th-13th November, at Yarnfield Park, near Stone, Staffordshire.

Sessions will take place on Saturday afternoon and evening, when we will have a conference dinner, and then continue on Sunday morning, finishing in the afternoon. Some delegates arrive earlier and stay longer afterwards, but the timings for the main conference programme are outlined below.

The nearest train station is Stone, which is a ten minute taxi ride from the venue, and is serviced by local trains from Stoke-on-Trent and Stafford. We usually run a system of lifts from the station for conference attendees, for those travelling by train. The venue is ten minutes away from Junction 14 on the M6.

Below is an approximate set of timings which give you some idea of the structure of the weekend - this is subject to change. Each session will consist of 5 minute talks, interspersed with breaks for tea, coffee, discussion and networking. And playing with things.

Provisional running order of talks


11:00 Registration
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Session 1a (7 talks)
14:47 Break
15:10 Session 1b (7 talks)
15:57 Break
16:20 Session 1c (7 talks)
17:07 Break
17:30 Session 1d (7 talks)
18:40 Bar
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Table activities (see below)



07:30 Breakfast
08:50 Session 2a (7 talks)
09:37 Break
10:00 Session 2b (7 talks)
10:47 Break
11:00 Two minute silence
11:15 Session 2c (5 talks)
11:48 Break
12:06 Session 2d (5 talks)
13:00 Lunch

MathsJam Baking Competition

Since it went so well the last few years, we'll be continuing our maths baking competition, to test your baking skills. There'll be a cake contest, judged by a randomly* selected panel, and anyone attending the conference is welcome to enter. Entry to the competition is free (well, more strictly, it'll cost you approximately one cake). The rules are:

As with all the competitions, when you submit your entry, please inform an organiser so they can mark down who has submitted what, but please leave your entry anonymous.

Any cake not required for judging purposes will be distributed among the MathsJam conference attendees. If you have any questions about the bake-off, please contact Katie who'll be coordinating the entries on the day, by emailing

* You know it.

MathsJam Competition Competition

The Meta-Contest will run again, so we'll be able to decide which of the three years we've run it so far is the best.

Entries to the Competition Competition must be in the form of an A5 photocopied sheet, single-sided and printed in black and white.

Competitions must be placed on the competition competition table by the Saturday lunchtime, and be available for people to enter until the Sunday morning coffee break, when judging will occur. Entrants must provide 100 copies of their competition sheet (if you don't have access to a photocopier, we can help to arrange this), and a box as described above for entries.

As with all the competitions, when you submit your entry, please inform an organiser so they can mark down who has submitted what, but please leave your entry anonymous. Entries to the individual competitions within the competition competition should not be anonymous, and you should include space for entrants to write their name.

There will be three prizes for the competition competition:

The judging panel will be chosen randomly from non-competition-entering MathsJam attendees.

MathsJam T-Shirt Competition

This year’s MathsJam will feature the first-ever UK Maths T-shirt Competition. You can design one afresh, or you can enter that old t-shirt you always wear – either because it is old, or just because, well, you like it.

Entrants must bring their tshirt and a coat hanger to display it on, and entries must be in by the first coffee break on the Sunday.

The competition will have three categories:

Plans are afoot to establish a UK Maths T-shirt Museum, and anyone interested in the competition or the museum is invited to contact John Bibby at

The judging panel will be, as for the other competitions, chosen randomly from non-competition-entering MathsJam attendees. Note for maths pedants: Maths t-shirts are defined by self-identification i.e. if you say it's a maths t-shirt, then it IS a maths t-shirt.

As with all the competitions, when you submit your entry, please inform an organiser so they can mark down who has submitted what, but please leave your entry anonymous.

Saturday Evening entertainment

Like last year, in addition to proposing talks, attendees will be able to submit entries for a table for the Saturday evening entertainment. A section of the conference room tables will each contain an activity, and the person proposing the activity must bring instructions, equipment and materials for attendees to learn a new thing, make something or do something fun.

Proposals can range from 'Let's play game X' through to 'I will teach you how to Y'. The person proposing the activity must also be prepared to stay at their table for the whole of a pre-specified hour of the evening (timing TBC, but starting after dinner), although activities may continue afterwards. People running tables will also get a one-minute talk slot during the day in a special lightning session to explain/advertise their activity.

To submit a suggestion for an activity, complete the table activity submission form.

MathsJam Jam

On the Saturday night, in part of the venue, we will be having a singalong where we will be singing popular songs that have been rewritten with mathematical lyrics. You are welcome to join in by submitting your mathematical version of a song or just coming along and joining in with the singing. You're also welcome to bring your own instrument and join in by playing too.

If you are interested in having your words to a popular song sung please can you do the following:

If you have any questions about MathsJam Jam, please contact Ben/Tom at the addresses above.


£165 Full price single registration
£250 Full price double registration (two people, one room)
£60 Day delegate
£30 Conference dinner
10% discount for Early Bird booking (closes 18th September), and unwaged
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