Droste Dobble

Droste Dobble

Droste Dobble

Droste Dobble
Droste Dobble

Christian Lawson-Perfect

A Dobble card looks like this (modulo copyrighted images)

Each card has eight symbols on it

Any two cards have exactly one symbol in common

Some lemmas

  • You can place all the cards containing a given symbol on a line.
  • There is a unique line containing each pair of cards.
  • Eight lines intersect at a single card.

It's a projective plane!

Cards are points and lines correspond to symbols.

A simpler example


A projective plane is its own dual - you can swap points and lines and it still has the same structure.


You can replace the symbols on a Dobble card with more Dobble cards.

It still works!

There's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't keep going.



Generate your own: christianp.github.io/droste-dobble

Icons from Emoji One (CC-BY-SA)