MathsJam Malmö/Lund

The location alternates every month:

  • Even-numbered months: Bishop Arms on Norra Vallgatan, in Malmö
  • Odd-numbered months: John Bull Pub on Bantorget (near the Grand Hotel), in Lund

Example: December MathsJam (month 12) is in Malmö, and January MathsJam (month 1) is in Lund. Check the Twitter account to be sure!

MathsJam Malmö/Lund is currently on hiatus.

If you'd like to help get it going again, email

We usually meet on the second-last Tuesday of the month, from 7pm in the evening, in The John Bull Pub, which is on Bantorget (near the Grand Hotel).

For more information, and to be added to our mailing list so we can remind you when and where each event is happening, email Jeremy and Hampus at