Talk Schedule for the 2017 Gathering

This list is subject to some small changes, but keep checking here for the most up-to-date version.


Session 1a: 14:00 - 14:47

  • Colin Wright, Matt Parker and Katie Steckles: Welcome to the MathsJam Gathering
  • Tom Button: All about the base (no trebles)
  • Matt Peperell: Logical deduction games
  • Alison Kiddle: Alison talks crap
  • TD Dang: The maths in Mean Girls
  • Noel-Ann Bradshaw: Digesting the indigestible

Session 1b: 15:10 - 15:57

  • Zoe Griffiths: A discourse on e
  • Phil Chaffe: Maths Jammin' - Writing a song for the Maths Jam Jam
  • Matthew Scroggs: Big Ben Strikes Again
  • Andrew Russell: Diabolo as a picture
  • Angela Brett: Mathematical poetry
  • Adam Townsend: Stop! (or, using maths to pass your driving test)
  • Elizabeth and Zeke: rat with an e

Session 1c: 16:20 - 17:07

  • Rob Eastaway: Thinking Outside the Outside of the Box
  • Rachel Wright: In A Spin
  • Alex Burlton: Bags of Palindromes
  • Alexander Bolton: Winning the Chalkdust Coin Game
  • Vincent Van Pelt: Thank you, Mrs Holcombe
  • Saturday night table activities: 1 minute intros

Session 1d: 17:30 - 18:17

  • Dan Hagon: Double Negation and the Excluded Middle
  • Ben Pace: Building Successful Intellectual Communities
  • Alison Clarke: Stupid Units
  • Belgin Seymenoglu: Donald in Mathmagic Land
  • Douglas Buchanan: Lowering the Tone
  • David Mitchell: The Theorem of Trythagoras (Pythagoras is for Squares)
  • Dave Gale: Catchphrase and Coffee


Session 2a: 08:50 - 09:37

  • Joel Haddley: Angle Trisection
  • Katie Steckles: Sheeran Numbers
  • Ken McKelvie: A little ado about 'nothing'
  • Tony Mann: The mathematics of competition
  • Will Kirkby: Life Beyond Binary
  • Peter Rowlett: Fermi problems
  • Kathryn Taylor: Adventures in modular origami

Session 2b: 10:00 - 10:47

  • Marcin Konowalczyk: Unrolling the rolling shutter
  • Miles Gould: How Mountaineering is like Mathematics
  • Samuel Ball: Fake It Till You Make It
  • Wendy Foad: Context vs content
  • Nicholas Korpelainen: A production line may need an arbitrarily large number of machines
  • Robert Woolley: Making board games fit - Numbers & Space

Session 2c: 11:15 - 11:48

  • Glen Whitney: The Hole Truth
  • Sue de Pomerai: The life and times of Ada Lovelace
  • Pedro Freitas: A programmed deck
  • Matthew and John Bibby: Boring log and geometrical tables
  • Geoff Morley: Irrational Bases
  • Adam Atkinson: Mathematics and Art: A Real-World Problem

Session 2d: 12:06 - 12:39

  • Elaine Smith & Lynda Goldenberg: Multiplication: Magic or Madness
  • Robert W. Vallin: Maverick Solitaire and Three-Card Poker
  • Robert Low: Why knot?
  • Philipp Reinhard: From a tweet to Langnaus 4th problem in < 5min
  • Oliver Masters: The Fibonacci Matrix