MathsJam Annual Gathering Oceania

Click here for the Oceania MathsJam Gathering website

The inaugural Oceania MathsJam Gathering will be a get-together for like-minded maths enthusiasts of all abilities, ages and backgrounds — regular MathsJam attendees, teachers, recreational puzzlers, and professionals (in short, anyone who enjoys maths!) — to discuss interests, share maths problems/games/insights/ideas, make connections and generally have fun in a relaxed atmosphere.

All attendees will be invited to give an informal 5 minute talk about an area of interest. These will be given in scheduled blocks over the weekend, interspersed with activities, and opportunities to share (maths crafts/hobbies/games/curios/areas of interest) in a more social setting. This event is a spin-off of the UK MathsJams Gathering, on our side of the world. We are intending to run concurrently with the UK gathering.

The gathering will run from Saturday November 30th - Sunday December 1st, 2019, at the BreakFree Hotel in Christchurch, NZ. Full details are available on the Oceania MathsJam Gathering website.