MathsJam Annual Gathering UK

Click here for the UK MathsJam Gathering website

The UK MathsJam Gathering 2023 will take place on 11th - 12th November, and bookings will open some time in the next few months. Visit the link above for more details, and follow @BigMathsJam on Twitter or on Mastodon for updates.

The MathsJam Annual Gathering was last held in 2022 on the weekend of 19th - 20st November 2022, and the event takes place annually in central England, organised by Colin Wright and gathering together maths enthusiasts, monthly MathsJam attendees and organisers, and anyone else who wants to join us. We have people of all ages, backgrounds, education and ability. All you need is an interest in and enthusiasm for maths of all types.

The talk slides and descriptions from past events are collated in the archive. For more information about the MathsJam Gathering, visit the Gathering Website.